Pre-Grown Modules

At Greenrise Technologies, innovation is one of our passions.  The Stormwater Retention properties of our Pre-Grown Modular System, is leading the industry.  The Greenrise Pre-Grown Modular System has a footprint of 12” x 24” x 5.75”, with a 4.0” growing media depth.  Greenrise Technologies uses only 100% recycled HDPE. 

The Greenrise Technologies module sides are honeycombed to allow for ample interconnectivity between modules.  The unique design of the module floor (stormwater retention chambers) maximizes its ability to manage stormwater through unitized retention chambers and encourages airflow beneath the system.

Our Pre-Grown Vegetated Module weighs only 50lbs. per module, light enough for a simple, one person installation.  Plus our modules interlock on all four sides, creating a complete system that effectively resists wind uplift.