Greenroof Systems

Economic Benefits

A greenroof is a big investment, and the return on that investment may not seem obvious at first. But in fact, the economic benefits of a greenroof are quite substantial. Explore some of the ways a greenroof can directly benefit you financially as well as positively impact your local economy:

Reduces utility costs
Because a greenroof reduces a building’s temperature fluctuations, it requires less energy to heat or cool the building, resulting in substantial energy savings for the owner. It can also reduce costs associated with processing stormwater. 

Extends roof longevity
A greenroof extends the life of a roof and reduces the associated costs of maintenance. That’s because a greenroof protects the roof from degrading factors such as UV exposure and temperature extremes.

Increases real estate value and bolsters economy
A greenroof transforms a conventional rooftop into something sight-worthy, which draws people to an area. Plus, people will pay more to live in, or stay at, a building that has a greenroof—or even just for a view of a greenroof on a nearby building.

Improves productivity and shortens patient stays
Studies are beginning to show that access to nature—even access to views of nature or natural elements, such as real daylight—improves the way people learn, the way they work, even the way they heal. That means that “biophilic design,” when incorporated into buildings such as offices, factories and hospitals, can result in greater productivity and fewer sick days, as well as shorter hospital stays of up to eight percent.

Provides financial incentives
Although not yet widespread, there are some financial incentives available for green infrastructure initiatives that are worth looking into, ranging from Federal tax credits to stormwater fee reductions.