Greenroof Systems

Greenrise Approach

The greenroof industry is finally catching up to where Greenrise Technologies has always been: It isn’t just about a greenroof anymore—it’s about a highly engineered, performance-based greenroof system. 
From the very beginning, we’ve offered a turnkey approach that’s uniquely capable of meeting your exact requirements, from performance specifications to aesthetic ideals. Great, but where do you start? Where do we start together?

Well, there’s no denying that greenroofs are in vogue. They’re the perfect symbol of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. But greenroofs are also a proven solution for retaining stormwater, reducing energy costs and providing extraordinary urban habitats and agricultural opportunities—among many other benefits. So it’s alarming to us how often people begin to explore a greenroof option without first addressing this question: What is the purpose of the greenroof? At Greenrise Technologies, that’s the very first question we’ll ask—and ask again until we’re sure we understand every aspect of the project. Today, greenroofs, as either a standalone effort or as part of an overall green infrastructure solution, are built for many reasons—from the purely aesthetic to the strictly practical. Understanding your desired outcome is essential—and the only way to ensure a truly satisfying and sustainable implementation.

That’s why we work with you from start to finish to ensure successful implementation. Composed of environmental horticulturists, scientists, project managers and Accredited Green Roof Professionals, our team has experience in all types of greenroof systems, from extensive to intensive to plaza deck projects. With us to guide you, we can assist with design considerations, recommend cost-effective solutions, select appropriate plant palettes, provide efficient installation, and so much more. Discover the advantages of the Greenrise Technologies approach.