Greenroof Systems

Lifestyle & Health Benefits

Biophilia—the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with nature—is something most people understand intuitively. But there is increasing evidence that this desired connection does have measurably positive effects, psychologically and physically. Explore some of the ways we benefit from a greenroof:

Connects us with nature 
It’s simple, really—we experience joy when we come into contact with nature in an urban setting. But it’s more than just a feeling—studies show that green spaces actually make us happier by reducing stress and creating an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Helps us stay well and heal faster
Access to a greenroof gives us a breath of cleaner air and allows us to enjoy cooler ambient temperatures. Research also indicates that patients respond more quickly to treatment when they have access to a greenroof or views of natural settings.

Beautifies the urban landscape
A greenroof beautifies personal and public property. The greenroof’s vibrant colors provide a much-needed visual contrast to the blanket grays of the typical cityscape. Many greenroofs even have discernable seasons.

Reduces noise and glare
The greenroof’s vegetation and soil media act as natural sound barriers, buffering noise from traffic and other sources of urban noise pollution. Plus, a greenroof helps to eliminate hot spots and glare from windows and rooftop reflections.

Increases attention span
It’s good news for all of us, grownups and children alike—research is beginning to show that we’re more engaged and can learn faster when we can see, or have access to, a natural environment.