Greenroof Systems

What makes up a Greenroof?

A greenroof transforms a conventional rooftop into living architecture—a sustainable system that benefits people and the environment, from urban beautification to the creation of microhabitats to stormwater runoff control. Replicating nature is complex, however, and that’s why a successful greenroof consists of specific sections that function together as a whole. Although design specifications vary, the fundamental layers of a Greenrise Technologies greenroof are as follows, from bottom to top:

Roofing Assembly
For new construction, a greenroof begins with a membrane for waterproofing. The rest of the waterproofing assembly can consist of several additional layers, including optional insulation, depending on design.

Root Barrier
The root barrier prevents plant roots from penetrating the waterproofing system. 

Drainage Layer
The drainage layer temporarily retains water, allowing it to drain away at a slower rate. This layer also provides root ventilation. 

Filter Fabric
The filter fabric helps the drainage layer function efficiently by preventing fine particles from being washed out of the substrate. 

Engineered Growing Medium
Here we have the perfect growing medium, engineered to be lightweight and support vegetation while accommodating each project’s specifications. 

This is the fun part—and in the end, it’s the vegetation that gets all the attention. Greenroof plantings vary greatly depending on the project—everything from native grasses, flowers, vegetables, trees, drought-resistant succulents, and beyond.