Growing Medium

Engineered Plants & Soils

At Greenrise Technologies, we do more than offer a variety of plants and soils. We look at the big picture from a performance standpoint—it’s not just how plants and soils work together, it’s how they work together to achieve your particular objectives. That’s part of the Greenrise difference: a commitment to performance-based solutions that are as effective as they are beautiful. When we design our soils, we consider factors such as drainage, water retention, compaction rate and weight requirements. The result is soil that’s made up of highly specific behavioral characteristics to fulfill various purposes, from structural soils to lightweight greenroof mixes to bioretention (rain garden) media. It’s the same with our plants—you can count on selections that are healthy from branch to root, pleasing to look at, and capable of thriving in conditions that range from dry to saturated, depending on specifications.

It’s all about working with you to understand your requirements. From there, we can choose the right vegetation and create a consistent, dependable soil mix with our advanced blending machine. Learn more about Greenrise customizable options from our team of experts.