Growing Medium

Soil Conditioners

Most soils aren’t perfect on their own—they need a little help to achieve optimum moisture retention, aeration and other characteristics. If you aren’t using compost, a soil conditioner is a convenient way to achieve the results you want. Our soil conditioners will boost the nutrient values plants crave, allow for better drainage and improve overall soil conditions—ideal for new bed installations or existing plants.

Landscape Mix 
Roots are supported from the start with our Landscape Mix, designed to balance moisture retention with drainage capability. 

Mushroom Compost
Perfect for lawn and garden installation as well as maintenance. Improves drainage and reduces compaction in clay soils, making it easier for roots to penetrate.

Pine Bark Conditioner
Finely textured and ideal for roses, azaleas, rhododendrons and other plants that prefer acidic conditions. Also appropriate as a mulch for weed control and moisture regulation. 

Topsoil Blend
A rough-textured, natural fertilizer consisting of hardwood bark fines, mushroom compost and sand. Designed to increase volume for better growth.