Growing Medium

Soil & Growing Mixes

Designed especially for landscape, potting, raised beds and containers, our soil and growing mixes are known for their high nutrient content and exceptional moisture-retention capabilities. If you’re looking for a custom mix, let the experts at Greenrise Technologies develop a blend that’s perfectly suited to your needs and requirements. Or explore some of our most popular mixes, blended for specific plant types and delivered to your greenhouse.

Potting Mix – All-Purpose 
An economical choice consisting of pine bark fines, mushroom compost, hardwood bark fines, perlite and sand. Ideal for containers and beds.

Potting Mix – Premium
Designed for the full spectrum of plants and container sizes, our Premium Potting Mix offers exceptional drainage and water-holding capacity. 

Professional Grow Mix
Also referred to as greenhouse mix, our Professional Grow Mix balances water-holding capacity and pore space for proper drainage. Add fertilizers to customize the mix even further for specific plants.