Greenrise Maintenance Program

Proper maintenance of a greenroof is essential—and anyone who tries to sell you on a zero-maintenance greenroof is probably, well, a little “green” to the green industry. Here at Greenrise Technologies, we know what to do to keep our greenroof systems thriving—but what about revising or restoring a greenroof that was installed by someone else? We do that too, throughout the United States—in fact, no restoration is too large or too intricate for our experienced maintenance team.

Setting the standard in greenroof maintenance 
The Greenrise approach to maintenance begins with an analysis of the drainage system, the plants and the growing media. But we do more than visual inspection—our team of experts uses state-of-the-art testing methods to assess the health of the greenroof. From there, our horticulturists develop a plan to revive the roof (if we’re performing a restoration) followed by a maintenance plan to ensure longevity. You can count on your greenroof staying green, because only Greenrise…

  • provides customized Performance Management Protocols
  • is a certified (authorized) maintenance provider for major roofing manufacturers
  • conducts testing and analysis
  • offers complete restoration services

Plus, if you need maintenance reporting—such as to fulfill municipal post-installation stormwater ordinance regulations—we’ll deliver all the necessary documentation.