Greenrise Technologies Complete Music City Center Green Roof

Greenrise Technologies Complete Music City Center Green Roof

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Scott McGaughy, President of Greenrise Technologies, a Murfreesboro TN producer of environmental green roof systems, addressed curious visitors at the Open House of the Music City Center in Nashville May 19, 2013.

Thousands of visitors made their way to the top floor to view and photograph the green roof installed by McGaughy's company. "It's incredibly rewarding," said McGaughy. "We have installed green roofs all around the country including Universities, government buildings but I have never seen a turnout like this. People are fascinated to have such a beautiful and natural setting on this building in downtown Nashville." Green roofs are common in Europe and Canada. They have been an integral part of the urban landscape there for decades but are only recently becoming popular in the United States.

Green roofs have proven effective in reducing storm water runoff, a major problem in large cities. They also reduce the temperature of roofing systems, of interest to planners as a way to deal with the "heat island effect" in cities. Heat island effect is a term which describes the buildup of heat in cities during the day as the concrete in buildings absorb heat and then cool much slower in the evening than the air around them. "Many of our projects are green roofs on hospitals which are overlooked by patients rooms or in some cases accessed by them." said McGaughy. "Patients recover faster when they heal in a more natural setting."

Music City Center is the latest facility to open in a resurgent downtown Nashville.