Greenroof at Franklin Woods Hospital first for MSHA system

Greenroof at Franklin Woods Hospital first for MSHA system

July 22nd, 2013 8:00 am by REX BARBER
Johnson City Press

A vista of lush greenery will soon be available for those waiting on a loved one’s surgery procedure to be completed at Franklin Woods Community Hospital.

This week, what is known as a green roof was installed on a section of roof on the hospital. This section is about 2,500 square feet and now has plants growing that, when mature, will offer a nice, relaxing atmosphere to what can be a tedious wait. The view is right outside the surgery waiting area. “It’s going to be aesthetically pleasing to those that are waiting in our surgery area, and we won’t get that reflective sun and heat,” said Bill Alton, vice president of facilities and construction at MSHA. “Also, it allows storm water control. Basically, the vegetation will take up the water and we won’t have as much discharge.” Besides that, the roof will also improve air quality and serve as an educational tool, Alton said.

For Mountain States, it saves energy and improves the longevity of the roof and reduces the amount of work the HVAC system must do.

A green roof also provides protection from fire and something you may not realize even happens. “One thing that most people don’t know is that some of the most roof leaks are caused by people shooting in the air and the bullet coming back down and knocking a hole in the roof, so these type roofs protect (against) that. “It also reduces noise. It absorbs sound, so it’ll reduce the noise in the floors below, and also it just absorbs sound outside.” “It improves the value of the building.”

As far as education goes, the new roof can help educate people about plants and green initiatives, Alton said.“It gives a little bit of biodiversity of the plants that we can use here in Johnson City.” Alton said this will be the first green roof at a MSHA facility but he hopes more will be added. “There’s a lot of value in these roofs, as I’ve just stated, and so we’ll continue to look at these as it’s cost effective solutions to driving down our costs,” he said.