News Company of the Week Company of the Week: 8/15/14

Greenrise Technologies is a full-service green infrastructure firm that delivers innovative, reliable and precise engineered turnkey systems in Greenroofs, Stormwater Management, Growing Medium, Componentry and Maintenance.

Greenrise Technologies offers a full spectrum of products and services which include the highest quality components, technologically advanced installation methods, an extremely safe and knowledgeable crew, as well as superior maintenance capabilities to ensure long-term viability.

Successful living architecture—or thriving architecture, as Greenrise Technologies puts it—is about more than the convenience of a single-source supplier. It's also about depth of expertise, from the way they custom-blend a soil mix to meet load-bearing requirements to the way they select plants that are as hardworking as they are beautiful. With Greenrise, a complete turnkey system means proven performance, and ultimately, complete peace of mind.

Greenroofs are better for the environment by preserving water and energy, sustaining microhabitats, reducing pollutants and mitigating the urban heat-island effect. But in addition to the many economic and environmental benefits of greenroofs, Greenrise Technologies honors the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with nature, also known as Biophilia. Increasing evidence suggests that this desired connection does have measurably positive effects, psychologically and physically.

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