Stormwater Management

Bioretention Soils™

At first glance, bioretention soil is simple enough—it’s a three-part recipe consisting of sand, soil and compost (organic matter). But the complexity is in the way these elements are combined to work together—the chemistry of performance. For each project, Greenrise bioretention soils must reliably:

  • Meet drainage requirements 
  • Remove target pollutants 
  • Support vegetation

That’s why we test our soils to ensure that they meet certain standards, such as acceptable ranges for magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and soluble salts. We also custom-blend our soils for a consistent, high-quality mix that’s second to none. You won’t find stones, roots or other harmful objects in our bioretention media, and you can always count on a uniquely lightweight blend that’s stored and applied properly for dependable performance. Learn more about efficient application with the Greenrise turbine delivery system.