The Greenrise Edge™

Customizable Options

We don’t do “cookie cutter” at Greenrise Technologies. Instead, we customize a system—whether it’s a greenroof, a rain garden or some other form of living architecture or stormwater management solution—from an array of proven, reliable, highly engineered components. Depending on the solution, the following are just a few examples of the customization options available to you:

  • Slope stabilization 
  • Sight furnishings
  • Trellis
  • Ipe decking (Brazilian hardwood)
  • Recycled rubber pavers
  • Concrete pavers
  • Pedestal pavers
  • Rain barrels 
  • Planter boxes 

But an experienced leader like Greenrise will take customization a step further. It’s about creating thriving, environmentally sustainable habitats based on your unique requirements—requirements that can range from critical performance specifications to gorgeous visual ideals. Where another company might suggest generic vegetation, we can recommend plants that remedy specific problems and thrive in a particular climate zone. And where someone else might offer a generic soil mix, we can offer custom blends that meet dry and saturated weight requirements exactly. Of course, visual impact matters too—and only Greenrise can successfully bridge the gap between technical systems and aesthetics. Translation? “Wow factor” all the way.