The Greenrise Edge™

Single Source Warranties

If you’re considering a greenroof, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be the security of the roofing system—and therefore the performance warranties that ensure the integrity of that system over the long term. That’s why we’ve worked so diligently to distinguish ourselves as an approved applicator for all of the first-tier roofing manufacturers in the United States. These companies know that a successful greenroof isn’t just about understanding the science of soils and plants—it’s also about understanding roofing systems and membranes. Only Greenrise has that kind of comprehensive expertise, and that’s why the major manufacturers want Greenrise on every rooftop—because the safety and preservation of their membrane is always first in mind for our OSHA-certified crew.

What does this all mean for you? It means that whatever membrane manufacturer you choose for your greenroof, you can count on Greenrise Technologies to be an integral part of that manufacturer’s single-source warranty. And that makes a big difference toward protecting your significant investment.