The Greenrise Edge™

Smart Geo-Technology

For us, technical efficiency is an essential aspect of everything we do at Greenrise. It’s in the quality of our geo-textiles and the many other components we manufacture. It’s in the way we select those components to work together as a complete system—an ecosystem that’s based on the perfect synthesis between natural and fabricated items. And it’s in our commitment to a performance-based approach, such as how we: 

  • produce lightweight bioretention soils 
  • blend custom soil mixes
  • grow plants with specific remediation qualities for greenroofs and bioretention areas

Perhaps most important, we see smart geo-technology as the key to our unique installation process: Turbine Delivery Systems that allow for fast, consistent application, which saves significant time and resources. We approach maintenance from a similarly technical standpoint—while some maintenance providers are merely pulling weeds or applying unnecessary (and sometimes detrimental) fertilizer, we use an efficient, science-based approach to keep our solutions thriving. Other green infrastructure companies can do some of what we do, but simply put, Greenrise Technologies executes more effectively—with proven results.