The Greenrise Edge™

Turbine Delivery Systems

Superior to the average “blower truck,” our computerized Turbine Delivery System accomplishes more in less time and can be used for an impressively wide range of media and applications, such as:

  • Terraseeding
  • Greenroof growing media
  • Compost blankets for erosion control
  • Compost berms as a silt fence replacement 

Even other greenroof companies turn to Greenrise for installation because they want the job done right the first time, and they know that our techniques and equipment are unrivalled in the industry. The companies that aren’t using Greenrise are delivering bags on skids or lifting materials with cranes—but with our Turbine Delivery System, we can deliver those same materials to the most hard-to access places (like the roof of a multi-story building)—and we do it better, faster, and with incredible accuracy.