Let us List the Ways

Whether you want to enhance urban environments through green roof design or utilize preventative erosion control services on your property, Greenrise’s storm water regulation solutions come with a number of added ecological, economic and health benefits.

Ecological Benefits

When designed and installed properly, storm water pollution prevention systems, especially systems design using Low Impact Development / Green Roof Systems / Bioretention Remediation techniques, are truly sustainable solutions that benefit the environment in many ways, over the short and long term. The following are some of those major ecological benefits:

  • Flood control
  • Protection of wetlands and aquatic ecosystems
  • Improved quality of receiving waterbodies
  • Conservation of water resources
  • Protection of public health (e.g. smog and heat mitigation)
  • Soil pollutant waterway control
  • Improves Water Quality through stormwater quality control
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Economic Benefits[1]

Economic Benefits

Stormwater Management is certainly an investment, and the return on that investment may not seem obvious at first. But in fact, the economic benefits of proper storm water pollution control plan can be quite substantial. Here are several ways stormwater quality control services can directly benefit you financially as well as positively impact your local economy:

  • Lower Upfront Construction Cost
  • Increased Lot Yield
  • Lower Long-Term Maintenance Costs
  • No Design / Construction Delays
  • Increases Real Estate Value & Bolsters Economy
  • Provides Financial Incentives
  • Circumvents habitat destruction
  • Prevents loss of sediment & topsoil


Biophilia—the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with nature—is something most people understand intuitively. But there is increasing evidence that this desired connection does have measurably positive effects, psychologically and physically. Several ways that human health can benefit from full service erosion control and living roof systems are:

  • Improved quality of drinking water
  • Improved quality of our marine based food supply
  • Improves quality of recreational beach water
  • Mitigates climate change
  • Connects us with nature
  • Helps us stay well & heal faster
  • Beautifies the urban landscape
  • Reduces noise & glare
  • Reduces pollutants in soil
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