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Greenrise Technologies is a full-service green stormwater infrastructure firm

At Greenrise, our marching orders are simple: To those whom much is given, much will be required. So much of what we do is about understanding water and its impact—on the environment, on our health, on our quality of life. That’s why at Greenrise, we’re actively involved in creating new and innovative ways to bring clean water and beautiful environments to people in need.

We are the Leaders in Stormwater Management Compliance

Greenrise Technologies is a full-service green stormwater infrastructure firm that delivers innovative, reliable and precisely engineered stormwater management turnkey systems, engineered media, componentry and maintenance. Transforming the performance requirements and aesthetic ideals of real estate construction professionals, owners and manufacturers into thriving customized habitats that reduce the impact of development, improve quality of life and exceed expectations, one environmentally sustainable solution at a time.

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Our Narrative

Our innate drive to improve, invent, innovate—to progress. It’s what makes civilization civilized and society, well, more sociable. In paving the way for mankind, however—literally and figuratively—we’ve often overlooked our impact on nature. Or more specifically, nature’s systems: the path water takes from cloud to ground, for example, or the perfect attunement of the evapo-transpiration cycle. Wherever we disrupt the earth—whether to put up a building or mine for resources—we throw nature off course a little, creating an imbalance, a kind of discord. So nature redirects. And the price we pay for that redirection ranges from everyday problems, such as a flooded parking lot, to big-picture concerns, such as landslides and contaminated drinking water. Only recently have we begun to think about progress in a sustainable way—a way that bolsters the future rather than borrows from it.

Greenrise Technologies—a pioneer within the “green” industry—has stepped in and shown us that when it comes to nature and progress, both can advance simultaneously, in concert, through living architecture.

What is living architecture? It’s more than ivy on a wall, flower-box windows, a topiary garden or highway beautification. It’s not a topical application—even when actually applied to a rooftop—because true living architecture is systemic. It’s alive, certainly, but only as a result of a highly specific and complexly engineered system. With the advent of Greenrise and its unique capabilities, living architecture has come to represent a synergy of forces typically viewed as opposing—nature vs. man; environment vs. development. Greenrise has proven that these forces aren’t mutually exclusive at all—they can be combined, and successfully. It’s not nature vs. structure—it’s green infrastructure. It’s a synergy not in the sense of compromise, where each party has to sacrifice something to reach agreement, but in the sense of harmony—where the simultaneous arrangement of the parts is more pleasing than the individual elements alone.

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With a relentless commitment to quality and service, we transform the performance requirements and aesthetic ideals of our clients into thriving, customized, sustainable solutions that reduce the impact of development, improve quality of life, and exceed expectations every time. Come help us keep the momentum going.

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