Green Roof Components

Greenrise offers all the components needed to complete a layered or modular green roof project. Our drain mats, edging, growing media, water retention fabrics, and root barriers are carefully crafted for today’s stringent aesthetic and design requirements.

Tiles 1

Pre-Grown Sedum Tiles

Sedum Tiles, typically consisting of at least 12 different sedum varieties, are cultivated like sod, and are placed over the growing media layer for instant full coverage. Perfect for either a GRO Vista Modular or a GRO Layered Green Roof System.

Edge 1

Metal Edging

GRO Metal Edging adds a great finished look to all Green Roof Systems, or to rooftop pavers and tiles. Strong, yet lightweight, it can accommodate design curves and angles in rooftop projects.

Concrete Curbe Edging 1

Concrete Curb Edging

Designed for durability and function, GRO Concrete Curb Edging is an attractive edging that defines and separates spaces on green roofs and amenity decks.

Soil 1

Bulk Engineered Soil

We offer engineered green roof soil media designed for multilayer green roof systems. Available in lightweight extensive and heavier intensive blends, GRO Engineered Green Roof Soil is tested to ASTM standards. Available for delivery in bulk and super sacks.

Drainboxgr1 1

GRO Drain Covers & Lids

GRO Drain Covers and Lids provide effective drainage and protection from debris entering the roof drains for rooftop decks and green roofs. Designed to be lightweight for rooftop applications, they provide a functional purpose with a polished look.

Gro Rb 20 Mil Pic 1

GRO Root Barrier 20

GRO Root Barrier 20 is a smooth polyethylene 20 mil geomembrane film that is the typical standard used in layered green roof systems. It is a protective layer that aids in protecting the waterproofing system from plant root intrusion.

Gro Rb 30 Mil Pic 1

GRO Root Barrier 30

GRO Root Barrier 30 is a smooth HDPE 30 mil geomembrane film for use when required by municipalities or project specifications. It aids in protecting the waterproofing membrane from root intrusion from more aggressive/larger plants.

Rockwood Roll 1

Mineral Wool

A lightweight and efficient stormwater retention product, with very high water retention capacity. For use below vegetation and soil layers, GRO Mineral Wool is an engineered horticultural approach to stormwater management. Maximum water retention with minimum weight.

Cap Mat 1

Capillary Mat

A thick geotextile mat made from mechanically consolidated, needle punched, polyester fibers. For use in horizontal and sloped green roof applications for additional water retention.

Drainage Mat .1

GRO Drain Mat – 0.5”

GRO Drainage Mat 0.5” is a ½” thick drainage core made from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments, which are thermally bonded to a non-woven geotextile. It provides excellent filtering performance, high tensile and tear strength, and is a functional and economic choice for use in typical layered systems.

Drainage Mat .5 Double Sided 1

GRO Drain Mat Plus – 0.5”

GRO Drain Mat Plus 0.5” is similar to our GRO Drain Mat – 0.5” but has an additional layer of spun-bond fabric on the bottom. This double-sided fabric drain mat can eliminate the need for an extra protection sheet for the roof’s waterproofing system.

Low Flow Drain Mat 1

GRO Low Flow Drain Mat – 0.25”

GRO Drainage Mat 0.25” is a 1/4” thick drainage core with an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments, thermally bonded to non-woven geotextile. With high tensile and tear strength, this drain mat provides additional stormwater detention time and slows the rate of stormwater flow to roof drains.

Drainage Mat Hr 1

GRO High Retention Drain Mat – 1.0”

GRO High Retention Drain Mat is a 1.0” thick high-retention drainage panel made from HDPP. For use with green roof systems when maximizing water retention capacity is a priority. GRO Filter Fabric must accompany this product.

Dimple Drain Plus 1

GRO High Compression Drain Mat Plus – 0.5”

GRO High Compression Drain Mat 0.5” is a geocomposite drainage mat consisting of a polyethylene core, covered with a non-woven geotextile filter fabric on top, and a protection fabric on the bottom. The core of this drain mat provides high compression and stormwater retention, while the permeable filter fabric prevents engineered soil from entering and blocking the core. This is for use under heavy loads, like pavers/pedestals or concrete curbing.

Filter Fabric 1

GRO Filter Fabric

GRO Filter Fabric is a highly permeable, non-woven, needle punched geotextile separator for green roof systems. A permeable solution to prevent engineered soil from blocking drainage in a GRO Layered System or as an optional protection layer between a GRO Modular System and the roof’s waterproofing membrane.