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What is smartPOND?

smartPOND is a series of automated, easy-to-install stormwater detention/retention management tools aimed at maximizing value and optimizing efficiency. Convergent Water Technologies has taken passive stormwater controls and given them brains, allowing for pre-programmed stormwater facility management that actively measures and releases stormwater to match your regulatory regime, as well as application-based active control that allows you to retain or release water via smartphone, desktop or other device. Imagine a pond or an entire watershed being actively controlled automatically or at the push of a button.

Why Automation and Real-Time Optimization (RTO)?

The future of stormwater is automation. Through controls, sensors and telemetry, we can now change the way stormwater is managed. A move from passive control to active control is now real with the availability of real-time data – water levels, gate position, temperature, photos, maintenance records and much more.

Real-Time Optimization of detention pond inflow and outflows creates a detention pond that functions at optimum efficiency. An efficient detention structure, dry, wet, or underground, can be significantly smaller while managing the same design volume of stormwater. Utilizing smartPOND typically allows for a 30% to 50% reduction in the size of the facility. The cost of smartPOND will often be covered by the reduction in construction costs alone. Reduced long-term maintenance costs and the value of land reclaimed by shrinking the detention facility are simply added benefits.

smartPOND – Weir

This outfall valve functions by rotating 90 degrees to open and close a rotary weir that is connected to an outfall pipe up to 24-inches in diameter. It can be pre-programmed to hold water for 12 hours, for example, and then rotate slowly over a 48-hour period to drain the detention pond completely. Once empty, the bucket returns to its upright and closed position in anticipation of the next rainfall event. Fundamentally, smartPOND – RW allows suspended solids (TSS) to settle out of the detained water and releases the cleanest water from the top of the pond when dewatering.

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smartPOND – Valve

The Inlet Valve version is routinely used in a wide variety of applications. It is a highly flexible platform designed to support, manage, and utilize utomated functionality. If it’s related to your stormwater facility or the water within it, and you want to know about it or control it, smartPOND – IV can respond to your need. Widely used over the Edwards Aquifer in Batch detention applications, this system is likely the most deployed detention automation system in the country.

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Greenrise was created from a drive to not only bring solutions for erosion and sediment control, and stormwater runoff treatment, but to do it with the best products like certified bioretention soil and proven erosion solutions, and services like SWPPP management and vegetated roof design. This was our goal from the start, and it is still what pushes us forward every day.