Dewatering is the process of removing groundwater or surface water from a construction site. The process is usually carried out by pumping or through evaporation before excavating the ground for footing. The purpose of dewatering is to control groundwater levels to enable excavation in dry and safe working conditions. It also helps to lower the water table for rapid excavation.

Dewatering is also known as water control or solids control. The process separates liquids from solid material such as drilling mud, dredged slurry, and more. The water is pumped from wells or sumps to temporarily lower the groundwater levels. The water is then moved to another place, like a detention pond or forest.

What We Do

Greenrise offers turnkey construction dewatering services for various job site scenarios. Dewatering methods are customized to meet the local regulations for proper discharge with minimal environmental impact. Every effort is made to dewater the site quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to construction activity.



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Given the changing nuances of enforcement, the growing tangle of overlapping enforcement agencies and the stiff consequences for non-compliance, our SWPPP services business exists to serve construction activity Operators and Owners by implementing a set of compliance services that cover all facets of SWPPP compliance.