GRT Planters add style and visual interest to rooftop amenity spaces, decks, and/or green roofs. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials; including fiberglass, concrete, aluminum, and stainless, and Corten steel. GRT Planters are durable, designed for outdoor environments, and suitable for tall plants, shrubs, and trees.

GRT Fiberglass Planters

Fiberglass Planter B 2 768x427

GRT Fiberglass Planters add a stylish and elegant flair to rooftop patios, decks, and green roofs. As these planters are lighter than concrete and stone planters, GRT Fiberglass Planters are easier to install and are ideal for larger plants, shrubs, and screening vegetation. Available in a variety of aesthetic colors, styles, and sizes.

GRT Concrete Planters

Concrete Planter 1 768x427

GRT Concrete Planters, designed for durability, add style to rooftops and green roofs areas. Scratch and moisture resistant, GRT Concrete Planters are a great option for high traffic areas. Planters are available in a variety of aesthetic colors, styles, and sizes for use in both commercial and residential projects.

GRT Metal Planters

Metal Planter A 1 768x427

GRT Metal Planters offer a contemporary look for rooftop amenity spaces and green roof projects. These planters are extremely durable and non-corrosive, and their UV-resistant construction makes them fade and chip resistant, even in extreme weather conditions. Available in a variety of aesthetic colors, styles, and sizes to provide a beautiful and luxurious look to outdoor spaces.