Artificial Turf

Combining high-quality artificial turf with the most advanced installation methods, we deliver a stunning and functional system for play and gathering spaces for patios, terraces, and rooftop areas. A low-maintenance and environmentally safe-solution ideal for surfacing playground and pet areas.

Artificial Turf

Bocce Court 270x168

GRT Artificial Turf is a low maintenance and environmentally safe-solution for creating natural looking play and gathering spaces for patios, terraces, and roof top areas. Our artificial turf resists staining, mold and mildew, is quick drying, and non-flammable. As it doesn’t require treatment with potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers and has impact absorbing qualities, it is an ideal surface for playground and pet areas.

Structural Grates

Turf Of White Peds

GRT Structural Grates create a stable and secure foundation on pedestals or joists for: artificial turf assemblies, porcelain pavers, modular green roof systems, and planters. They are engineered to attach to the pedestals for stability and wind uplift resistance.