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Bayou Place Erosion Control Project

It was the flood water forces resulting from Hurricane Harvey that damaged both the supporting hillside and Bayou Place to the extent that the building needed to be closed. Four days of unrelenting downpour created an overwhelming amount of stormwater runoff that brought the rushing Bayou above the building’s foundation line, allowing the turbulent water to chip away at the building’s concrete base, as well as wash away layers upon layers of the hillside. As Harvey pulled away and the water receded, several large holes in the building wall became visible, meaning the entire underbelly of Bayou Place had been flooded and was now open to the elements. In addition, the once vegetated hillside below the building was decimated, leaving it vulnerable to erosion and now an unsightly section of Buffalo Bayou Walk. Houston First, the building’s management company, would need to repair the damage to both the building’s wall and the hillside.