Music City Center

Nashville, TN: A 191,000-square-foot greenroof designed for stormwater retention and urban heat island reduction.

Project Highlights

  • 191,000-Square-Foot Greenroof
  • Built to handle 2.6-million-gallon stormwater offset
  • Slated to receive the National Organization for Greenroofs for Healthy Cities award

It was essential that this iconic building embody the essence of “Music City, USA,” so the greenroof design represents the frets and body of a guitar—including solar panels incorporated into the design of the guitar body itself—while the roof “rolls” symbolize the rolling hills of Tennessee. From a performance perspective, the system is built to handle a 2.6-million-gallon stormwater offset.

We carefully selected the most heat-tolerant, drought-tolerant plants, and we also blended and installed bioretention soil and structural soil for the greenroof as well as the surrounding grounds. Slated to receive an award from the National Organization for Greenroofs for Healthy Cities, this project represents the ultimate fusion of aesthetics and engineered performance.

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